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Super21 is a variation of standard Blackjack but has some very distinguishing features. It is popular because of the many options you have when playing Super21.Super21

What Makes Super21 Different?

  • Blackjack Pays Even Money
  • Player Blackjack Always Wins
  • Double Down at Anytime
  • Surrender Anytime
  • Hit or Double Down even after Splitting Aces
  • Bonus Hands
    • A Diamond Blackjack pays 2:1
    • 5 or 6 Card 21 pays 2:1
    • 6 Cards is an Instant Win

As you can see above there are some very different rules in Super21. In Super21 you can double down at any time, not just after the first 2 cards are dealt. As the player is you get Blackjack you automatically win, even if the dealer has Blackjack as well but Super21 Blackjack pays even money instead of 3:2.

Another popular variation is that when splitting Aces you can hit or double instead of just being stuck with the cards you are given. If you get Blackjack when splitting Aces it is also an automatic win.

In Super21 there are also bonus hands. Get a diamond Blackjack and you receive 2:1 odds. Also if you get 21 by hitting up to 5 or 6 cards you receive 2:1 odds. Hit and receive 6 cards without going over 21 and it is an automatic win.

USA Online Casinos that Offer Super21

Desert Nights Casino Review
  • United States Players Welcome
  • Huge Bonus
  • Download or Instant Play
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Use any of the above USA friendly online casinos to play Super21. Super21 is a fun variation of Blackjack and is offered by the above USA credit card casinos. Be sure to claim your bonus by using our link. It is free money so why not take advantage of it?