27 Wins — A New Slot Game Launched by EGT Interactive

Slots have been a part of the casino culture for almost a century, and it is always nice to pay tribute to the old slot machines that remain a dear memory to many slot aficionados. Therefore, EGT Interactive decided to make a slot called 27 Wins and surprise people who enjoyed the clinking of the old fruit-themed slots.

People who play casino games in USA credit card casinos have an opportunity to play various interesting and modern slots, some of them quite similar to 27 Wins. So what is it that makes these “vintage” slots so special?

First of all, they are quite simple and straightforward. Although you can claim casino bonuses in order to get some free spins, there are no other complicated bonus features in the game itself that require the player to do a lot of thinking. The idea behind this type of slot is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits spinning in front of you while hoping that they arrange themselves in a way that will make you a wealthy person.

Therefore, 27 Wins is a slot for all the people who feel tired of playing complicated slots. This one has only three reels, but it still manages to incorporate 27 lines (hence the name). In other words, the slot may be easy to play, but the rewards that the luckiest players can receive are quite lucrative.

The game features a wild symbol which can replace all the other symbols on the reels to make a meaningful combo. Moreover, there is also a scatter symbol in the game that can trigger the Mystery Win and reward a lucky player with a hefty bonus.

Other Games by EGT
EGT Interactive has a long and successful history of publishing online video slots, though they are not always as straightforward as 27 Wins. In fact, they sometimes deliberately make things a bit more complicated, and one of their other recent slots is called Imperial Dice.  Imperial Dice is a slot mixed with a dice format, requiring the spinners to really try their best in order to get the most out of the game.

However, both Imperial Dice and 27 Wins have one thing in common: a four-level Mystery Jackpot which paves the way to win even bigger prizes if you are lucky enough to progress through jackpot levels. One thing is certain — EGT is doing a great job making new online casino games and making them available all over the world!