Are US Online Slots Different From Other Slots?

If you live in the United States, and you want to play online slots, you might not be able to access all the slots that are available in the world. That’s because some slots are not made for the American market, and, as such, are not available in the US online casinos.

Are there any significant differences between the slots that are available in Europe (or any other part of the world) and the US?

When it comes to the payout percentage of slots, it’s safe to say that they are pretty much the same around the globe. The online casino industry on a global scale must offer equal opportunities to all players in the world.

If slots in some countries have higher RTP scores overall, people will start using different techniques such as VPNs to get to those slots.

Therefore, some slots have better payouts than others, but when you look at the overall RTP on the country level, they are basically all the same.

Different Themes

What’s different, however, is the choice of themes that are covered by online video slots. Many USA credit card casinos offer slots that are inspired by Las Vegas, New York, popular American celebrities, popular sports in the US, and more.

On the other hand, slots that are available in the US have slightly different themes. For example, a slot with a soccer theme would be big in Europe but not that much in the US. Also, a baseball-inspired slot would definitely not attract many slot players from the Old Continent.

That’s even more difficult if American slots are compared to the ones that are available in the Asian market. Simply put, Asians are more likely to be attracted to the games that feature themes popular in their countries.

Speaking of Asia, RTG is a US-facing online casino content provider that’s also making slots for Asian players. However, they made almost all slots available for US players as well.

Therefore, when you browse through their portfolio, you can play both Asian-themed and US-themed slots. Most American players settle for the latter, but there are some who spin the reels of the Asian ones from time to time.

If you like to play slots, we made a list of casinos that feature USA friendly online slots, so feel free to check it out. Make sure to pay attention to the welcome bonuses as every casino we included on our list offers a prize for visitors who decide to open an account and make a deposit.