Fruity Way — New Online Slot by Nucleus Gaming

There’s one rule that many slot creators like to follow from time to time — you can’t go wrong with already established formulas and themes when you create online video slots. In other words, people will always like to play games that have fruits and similar symbols in them. Simply put, slots have been around long enough that the idea of fruits being default symbols is somewhat instilled in our minds.

No matter how many fruity slots are out there, there will always be a high demand for more, and Nucleus Gaming decided to make one such slot. However, they added a unique twist to the title, making it a bit different from other fruit-inspired game.

Fruity Way is a science-fiction game. Although it sounds impossible to blend fruits with space, the team at Nucleus managed to pull it off splendidly, making an alternative galaxy inspired by the Milky Way… except it’s fruits instead of milk.

Once you start playing the game, you’ll notice that the fruit is not what you expect it to be. It’s space fruit! Designers had the freedom to design fruit of their own, and each species is kept in a glass probe so that it can bloom while in space. There’s a comedy element to this game!

Fruity Way Features

The game features a 5×5 grid and cluster pays, meaning there are no paylines in the slot. There are a couple of special symbols in the game that you should pay attention to, the most important one being the Galactic Core.

If you land three Galactic Core symbols, you’ll receive a total of seven free spins. However, for every Galactic Core that you land on top of the initial three, you’ll receive an additional free spin, for a total of 10 free spins. Moreover, receiving a Galactic Core symbol during the bonus game will add one free spin to it.

The game also offers a unique feature called Alien Fruit Frenzy. If cascaded symbols don’t create any combos, fruits will then jump in to help you out. They can use the Alien Fruit Replicator and spread replicas of one symbol all over the grid. Alternatively, they can further shuffle in the grid with identical symbols grouping together to give you more chances of creating a valuable combination.

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