Top Casino Games at SlotoCash

The Slotocash casino has a huge list of games to choose from, including bonus slots, progressive slots, video poker and table games. We’ve had the chance to play the majority of these titles and in this article we’re going to take a look at three titles that stood out for us the most.

The Three Stooges

Although we risk the wrath of the internet in saying this, we’re not big fans of The Three Stooges. We get the appeal and we’re sure they were very funny, but we can blame that on being a generation or two too late. However, that didn’t hurt our enjoyment of this title, which is a celebration of this popular, bumbling threesome.

There are 25 paylines here and as well as some illustrated symbols, many of which relate to the film industry, you can also find symbols of the titular characters themselves. The best thing about this pokie is the bonus features, of which there are many. This includes a main feature and several side features, one for each of the Stooges. There are also two impressive jackpots, one of which you can unlock via the jackpot symbols.

Football Frenzy

There is one of the games with the highest volatility on the Slotocash casino, which is one of the many things we like about it. It is not the best looking game on the casino and it is not the most popular either (mostly because it’s not very good looking). However, if you can ignore this then you will be rewarded with a game that offers a big return, has an impressive 50 paylines, a progressive jackpot and some big features.

These are all based on the game of football, as is the base game itself. These include features focused on free kicks and penalties, as well as a smaller, randomly triggered one. There are two progressives as well, one small and one large, and both of these make this a very well rounded game and one that we play every time we’re on the Slotocash casino.

The Big Bopper

This is one of the few places you will find 6 reel slots, and there are several of these to choose from. The best of which, in our opinion at least, is The Big Bopper. There are hundreds of paylines, a re-spin feature, an instant win feature, a free spin feature and much more. The aesthetic is also fantastic and the game has a unique and original feel on the whole, which is very welcome in an industry where it feels like everything has been done and everything is just a rehash of something that went before.

Featured Casinos

Use a Live Dealer Casino

Live Dealer CasinosIf you like to play casino table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and/or casino holdem check out and use a live dealer casino. Live dealer casinos allow you to play at brick and mortar casinos using the Internet. Instead of going to a traditional brick and mortar casino, bring the brick and mortar casino to you and play online.

If you haven’t tried using a live dealer casino yet you really should check out one of our recommended USA live dealer casinos. Live dealer casinos allow you to play at a brick and mortar casino with a real live dealer connected over the Internet by a live streaming feed. You watch the dealer and your game in real time the entire time you are playing. Instead of sitting at the actual casino table you are connected over the Internet just like a standard online casino. When it is your turn at act and make decisions prompts will appear on your computer screen which relay your actions to the dealer. Whether you are playing blackjack, roulette or baccarat, play just as you would using a standard online casino.

Currently only a few USA online casinos offer a live dealer casino and two of the best are the BetOnline and Silver Oak Casinos. Both online casinos accepts USA players and offer live dealer blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino holdem. We personally like BetOnline the most as they have been in business since 2001 and have established themselves as a top USA online casino, sports book and poker room. In business for over a decade, you know BetOnline treats their customers right and offers a great product. Sign up at BetOnline and always be confident you are playing at one of the best USA online casinos available. See our BetOnline Casino review for more details and to sign up as a new player. Once you create an account and make your first deposit use the standard online casino, the live dealer casino, sportsbook and poker room all from the same account.

The Silver Oak Casino is another great USA online casino to play live dealer games. In business since 2008, you can also be sure Silver Oak offers a great product. Play live dealer games as well as standard online casino games, slots and video poker machines. Silver Oak has very god USA credit card deposit success rates so you can always get a deposit approved without any issues.

Whether you decide to play at BetOnline or Silver Oak you can be sure you are using one of the best USA live dealer casinos available. Play live dealer blackjack, baccarat, roulette and/or casino holdem for real money from the USA. Just like all the USA credit card casinos we list here, you can always get a credit card deposit approved to play all the online casino games and slots you want to play. Live dealer casinos are a lot of fun and we think you will enjoy playing all the live dealer games offered. Then when you want to make a withdraw you can be sure you will receive your winnings quickly.


Bitcoin Online Casinos in the US

What is Bitcoin (bitcoin, btc, BTC) in simple words? Well, basically it is the new generation of decentralized digital currency which is up and running only on the Internet. No one controls it, the currency emission is handled through the work of millions of computers all around the world, using a program to calculate the mathematical algorithms. This is the essence of Bitcoin. Developed by a Japanese programmer (or a group of programmers) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, this crypto-currency keeps winning new positions in the hearts and digital wallets of online casino players.

UK online casino players are much luckier than their US likeminders, because gamblers in this country can join the casinos they like and play as long as they choose. So long as they are 21 year old at least. In the United States however, there is a low in action that discriminates online gamblers and limits their choice. Plus, they cannot deposit and withdraw from online casinos freely. And this is exactly the reason why Bitcoin casino script is perfect for them.

But there are those brave who fight for the right of American players to enjoy online gambling. They are not numerous, but they still can offer excellent online slots, roulette, blackjack and other favorite games. The most trustworthy among them are probably Alladins Gold online casino, BetOnline Casino online, Bovada Casino, Desert Nights online casino, Lucky Red online casinos and Silver Oak Casino. We have detailed Bitcoin casinos reviews on them on our site, so the readers are free to check them any time.

If you are a US online casino fan, but for some reason these 6 casinos are not perfect for you, then you can find even more great casinos on The casinos listed there are also 100% secure and safe, so you can read the reviews, single out their no deposit and other bonuses, and join the casino that has the best bonus offers.

What is Bitcoin and its difference from Skrill, Neteller and Others

The most important difference between Bitcoin and online payment options like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and so on, lays in the fact that Bitcoin is an actual online currency. That is right, when you want to buy something by means of, say, PayPal, you would need to first deposit money to this solution in your currency (USD, Euro, GB Pound, AUD and so on), and only then provide the transaction. As the matter of fact, these are mediators between real life money and online money.

With Bitcoins things get much simpler. Since Bitcoin already is online money, there will be no need to exchange it or use any sort of mediator. The basis of the idea of Bitcoin is the desire to create not just another kind of “paper money” that represent real money, such as gold, and an analogues of the gold. Bitcoin for online world is actually like gold is in the real world, it has all the properties of gold, thanks to which Bitcoin can be the perfect money for maintaining e-commerce operations.

Also, what differs Bitcoin from any currency is its decentralization. No institution has any control over Bitcoin, which is really frustrating for many of them, because this means no banks can control it. It is completely anonymous and at the same time – completely transparent. You can create an infinite number of Bitcoins without reference to the name, address or any other information.


Betting on Major League Baseball

The 2016 MLB season got underway at the start of April, with the Pittsburgh Pirates welcoming the St. Louis Cardinals to PNC Park. It’s early days yet and there is a long way to go and a lot of home runs to be hit before the World Series in October but here we take a look at the 2016 MLB season, who will win the World Series and how you can put your money where your mouth is by having a bet on it all!

Many of the best USA credit card casinos we deal with also offer sports betting facilities. In the same way these companies handle US credit card deposits and withdrawals smoothly for all your casino and slots fun, they also provide a seamless experience when betting on the NBA, NFL, MLB or, indeed, any sport from across the country and around the globe.

Whether you want to bet on an individual match or the overall outright winner of the World Series, having a little wager on the baseball is a great way to make this wonderful sport more interesting. Whilst a quick spin of the roulette wheel at your favorite USA credit card casino lasts just a few seconds, a bet on the big game will keep you interested all afternoon or, if you bet on the World Series itself, all season.

So, who will win the 2016 World Series? The favorites before the first pitch was thrown were the Chicago Cubs and their record right now stands at 11-3, with only the Washington Nationals getting anywhere near that. The fact they have played eight of their 14 games to date on the road only makes their performance even more impressive and odds of +650 are fully merited.

There are a host of teams vying for second favoritism, with the likes of the Kansas City Royals, San Francisco Giants, the Blue Jays, LA Dodgers, Red Sox and the aforementioned Nationals all hovering around the +1400 mark.

Ultimately we’re opting for a bit of a long shot, picking out the St. Louis Cardinals at a nice price of +1800. They finished the 2015 season with a great 100-62 record and have a really powerful rotation, the envy of many of their rivals, as well as a good dose of growing young talent. The fitness of Carlos Martinez may be key and whilst the Cardinals have had a mixed 7-7 start, we think they will grow into the season and come good by fall.


What Games can I use Martingale For?

The Martingale System is a staking plan that is most traditionally associated with roulette but many players may wonder if it can be applied to other games at USA credit card casinos and that is what we will consider here. First though, let us explain what the Martingale System actually is.

The Martingale System is a staking plan whereby you double your bets after a loss, which, in theory, means you cannot lose, assuming the game pays out at even money. The staking system means that no matter how many times you lose, when you do eventually win you will always be one staking unit (be that $1, $5, $10 or $100) in profit.

The Martingale System works best on bets that have a roughly 50% chance of winning and that pay out at even money. As said, it is mostly thought of as a roulette betting system, used for betting on the colors, although it can be used just as “well” (we’ll explain our use of inverted commas shortly) for betting on odd/even or high/low.

However, of course all real money US credit card casinos offer lots of other games that offer a 50% payout and, in theory, the Martingale System can be used for them too. Games such as blackjack, certain craps bets, player bets in baccarat and a variety of other wagers all fit the essential criteria of the Martingale System.

As such, if Martingale is “your thing”, there are a variety of real money online casino games you can play. You can, in theory, use Martingale on sports bets, whilst some players may even use some variation of Martingale whilst playing slots.

The issue with slots is that the payouts vary and aren’t controlled by the player, so you could double your stake but not win enough to cover it. However, in theory, by increasing your stake as you lose you would improve your chances of winning big enough to cover past losses, and whilst technically this would be a modified negative progression, it still shares a lot with the Martingale System.

However, ultimately, as we explain in our dedicated Martingale System article, this staking plan is very, very flawed. If you had a casino that took bets of any size and you had an unlimited bankroll, Martingale could work, but sadly in the real world those are two HUGE, insurmountable, unfulfillable “ifs”. As such we highly advise against using the Martingale System on ANY game.


Aztec’s Millions Online Slot Review and Jackpot

Aztec’s Millions is a first class progressive slot that is available at virtually all USA credit card casinos. Realtime Gaming (RTG), who provide the slot for the various real money casinos that offer Aztec’s Millions, tend to work primarily with USA casinos and so you can be sure to find this excellent game at most, if not all, of our partner casinos.

The slot was brought out following the success of the original slot, Aztec’s Treasure and the new slot made two changes, one of which was a major improvement in our eyes. They added extra win lines, which, in truth, is no big deal, but they also added a progressive jackpot element to the slot… which would certainly be a big deal if you win it!

The progressive jackpot, which is linked between lots of different Aztec’s Millions slots at a variety of RTG casinos, currently stands at an impressive $1.82m and that’s clearly a huge sum that would change your life in lots of very good ways. Some players may be put off by the fixed $5 spin cost but that’s strikes us as excellent value with a jackpot not far shy of $2m.

Moreover, because that fixed spin entails playing all 25 lines at 20 cents per line, you can be sure that when you do hit a win within the normal realms of the game, your win will be pretty substantial. There are various Aztec symbols such as Kings and Queens, Leopards and Idols in the game, and whilst it’s the Aztec’s Millions symbol itself that will deliver the seven figure win, hit three Idols and you’ll win the bonus feature.

On Aztec’s Millions the scatter bonus delivers a very lucrative, not to mention fun, phase of spins and in our opinion it is a bonus round that “hits” a little more frequently than at some other RTG progressive jackpots.

With five reels and 25 lines, the format and gameplay of Aztec’s Millions will be familiar to anyone who has ever played slots in a USA credit card casino before. The gameplay is simple and intuitive in any case, with the usual extra functionalities such as auto spin all present and correct.

As with most RTG slots, the graphics and sound are factors that are, in a sense, neutral. They don’t hugely add to the slot but they aren’t annoying, whilst many other slots often have sound effects that are just asking to be muted.

All in all Aztec’s Millions is a great slot so why not try and see if you can claim that jackpot today?


Global Casino News February 2016

Most of what we do here at USACreditCardCasinos is all to do with online casinos and slots sites, featuring the best real money and USA credit card casinos around. However, from time to time we take a look around the globe at any casino news stories, be they relating to Vegas or other land based casinos both in the USA and abroad, or be they concerning online casino developments such as legislation changes.

Two Casinos Delayed

Our first story doesn’t impact those that love the convenience and ease of getting their casino kicks online but may be of interest to those that like to play in a “real” bricks and mortar casino.

First up, Wynn Resorts, has been forced to put their plans for a new casino in Everett, a Boston suburb, on hold. The casino, which was set to create 4,000 jobs, has been forced to stop development after complaints from the Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone. The Major argued the increased traffic from the $1.7bn development would cause major health and lifestyle issues and represents Somerville’s fifth legal action against the development.

Wynn argue that for every month the casino is delayed – and there is talk of this setting back the project by 12 months – Massachusetts will lose out on $55m, so there is clearly a lot at stake here.

On the other side of the world James Packer, son of the legendary (deceased) media mogul, casino magnate and gambler extraordinaire, has also been forced to delay a development. Crown Resorts was due to open a six star hotel and casino in Sydney, Australia, the development worth $2bn (Australian). The planning process is set to delay the resort by around 18 months, forcing up costs and meaning the casino may not open until as late as 2021.

More Bad News for Crown

Profits at Australia’s biggest casino business fell by more than 20% in the first half of the year, with the Asian wing of the company badly affected by the ongoing corruption crackdown going on in Macau. This has impacted many Chinese high rollers, leading to a significant drop in profits despite good overall footfall.

Thunder Valley Casino Expands

Lastly some good news, with reports that the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Sacramento is due to complete its development, adding more than 100 rooms that had previously been unfinished due to the global recession following the resort’s opening in 2010.

Of course, more hotel rooms is great news but with so many great online casinos – all of which offer amazing bonuses – the big question is, why leave your house at all?!


Blackjack: Is it Time to Split?

Every single USA credit card casino out there offers at least one variation of casino classic blackjack whilst the best sites may offer a range of blackjack games. Moreover, just about anyone who has played at a casino, be it a real money online casino or a “real” casino such as the huge resorts of Vegas, has probably played blackjack, or at the very least considered doing so.

If you’re a beginner and unsure of how to play and how to give yourself the best chance of making a profit, knowing when to split and when not to is one of the most important parts of the game. For full details on exactly when to split and when not to you should brush up on your basic strategy which will also tell you exactly what call to make in any given situation, based on your own two cards and the dealer’s one visible card.

However, if you’re new to the game basic strategy may be a little too much to take on board and, more importantly, you may not even know what is meant by the term splitting: just to clarify, we don’t mean leaving the casino!

Splitting is an option that a player may take up if their first two cards are a pair, for example two eights, two jacks or two aces (or any pair at all). If the player decides to split those cards are divided, the original stake is matched so you now have that same amount riding on each card and then each of the original cards gets a second card to form its own unique hand which is played as normal (subject to rule variants and further splitting) from there on.

Splitting is a good way to turn a terrible hand into two decent ones and also a good way to turn an average hand into two great hands. Following our rules won’t always work but on average if you split according to our guide and, more specifically, according to basic strategy, you improve your chance of success in the long term. Assuming a standard four to eight deck game where the dealer stands on soft 17:

  • Always split eights and aces
  • Never split fives or 10s
  • Split nines to everything apart from sevens, 10s and aces
  • Split sevens unless the dealer has eight or higher
  • Split twos and threes if the dealer has four to seven inclusive and if they have two or three and double after split is permitted
  • Split sixes against three to six and against two if can double afterwards
  • Only split fours against five or six AND when doubles afterwards are allowed

Jackpot Pinatas Online Slot Review and Verdict

Jackpot Pinatas is one of the best slots around, and with a huge progressive jackpot worth almost $2m you could change your life forever if you claim the pinata prize! Most of the USA credit card casinos and real money slots sites we feature here at USACreditCardCasinos offer games powered by Realtime Gaming (RTG) and this excellent software company have created a classic slot in Jackpot Pinatas.

Jackpot Pinatas features five reels and 20 win lines and whilst the fixed $5 spin may put some smaller stakes players off, with a seven figure jackpot up for grabs, $5 is more than fair. As the name suggests, this is a slot with a Mexican theme and you’ll be screaming “arriba, arriba” if you get lucky and hit the big one.

To land the main progressive jackpot you need to get five of the bull pinatas on a valid line, whilst five donkey pinatas or five dog pinatas will win 20,000 and 1,000 credits respectively. There are other decent wins available through the normal symbols but aside from the pinatas, the way to hit a really juicy win is via the bonus rounds.

Jackpot Pinatas doesn’t disappoint when it comes to features because the bonus here, triggered by three or more dog pinatas anywhere on the reels, is one of the very best around, anywhere!

It’s slightly complex but in essence there are two stages to the feature, one in which you win cash awards (worth up to 200 times your stake), followed by another in which you have up to 25 free spins. This second stage is particularly lucrative as donkey and bull pinatas are added to the reels and all wins are doubled, so with just a little luck you could really cash in here.

The donkey piñata is the wild symbol and during all spins any winning combo made with a wild is doubled (note, as with all RTG games the wild does not substitute for the scatter or the progressive bull piñata).

All the standard RTG slot features are present too, for example auto play (with various options for spins) and sound controls. The sounds aren’t the best on Jackpot Pinatas, truth be told, so we’re not averse to muting the slot and listening to a little Elvis (because that’s the way we like to spin) but the graphics are certainly very good and all in all we give Jackpot Pinatas the thumbs up.

Featured Casinos Games

Top Casino Games at Aladdin’s Gold

Aladdin’s Gold Casino is one of the very best USA credit card casinos around. They make depositing and withdrawing a hassle-free process for customers from the USA, they offer one of the best casino welcome bonuses around (a 200% bonus on seven deposits for seven days!) and they offer up some of the best casino games – slots and table games – in the business.

Powered by the well-respected and ever-popular Realtime Gaming (RTG) software, Aladdin’s Gold brings you a fine array of casino game options, and here we give a brief overview of some of our favorites.

Caesar’s Empire

For those with a keen interest in history, or indeed those who just like playing high-action slots, the Caesar’s Empire slot that you will find at Aladdin’s Gold is definitely worth checking out. As with many of the RTG slots that you will find offered by many of the best USA online casinos, Caesar’s Empire has 20 paylines and five reels, but unlike a good number of their other games, this one offers a good deal of flexibility to players. You can choose to set your bet for each line at anything from $0.01 to $5.00, meaning this is a great option whether you are playing on a tight budget or you are one of life’s true high rollers!

Aztec’s Millions

For those of you seeking that massive, life-changing win when playing at an online casino, you could do worse than to focus your attention on progressive jackpot slots in general and the popular – and potentially VERY lucrative – Aztec’s Millions slot in particular.

While the look and feel of the game is similar to many of the RTG slots, it is the gigantic jackpot that makes it stand out from the crowd. And when we say gigantic, we are not talking a few thousand dollars but more a few MILLION dollars!

Orc vs Elf

For those seeking something akin to a cinematic experience when you are playing slots you should look no further than the exceptionally well-designed Orc vs Elf slot. Not only does this game look as good as any slot out there, but its gameplay really is second to none. Once you get onto the bonus games you will find yourself immersed in the fantasy world of orcs or elves (your choice!) as you follow the Trail to the Fortress of Orcholme or the Road to the Citadel of Elveros and encounter all the wondrous features along the way. Oh, as well as looking good, you can – of course – win a fair bit of cash playing this slot too!